Saturday, August 30, 2008

Worthless Pennies and New Beginings

feeling so... BLAH. So I'm excited about fall coming. I'm excited about school, My birthday,and dressing up on halloween. Then winter brings all my favorite holidays... Christmas and Valentines day. My last 2 valentines days sucked ass. Crashed my car one year then the other was just a sucky day thanks to the *wonderful* guy I was dating at the time. I been taking things slow this time. giving myself time to get over the past and to slowly grow into something else. Always following my right mind and not listening to anyone elses little input or whatever they have to say. I can honestly say I'm happy. but the deeper I get the scarier it is."love is like fire. but whether its gonna warm your heart or burn down your house you can never tell" . but its better than my past I can tell you that. I kinda pushed him away yesterday. its so hard not to do that when you have been hurt before. I'm even so much happier with the friends I have. most of my friend I have known for years! and I know they always have my best interest at heart. Even the newbies I have good feelings about.

-Currently in The Musk! AKA Muskegon. Visiting my grandparents. My grandmother doesnt remember anything and kinda just blabs out the first words that come to her mind which dont make sense most of the time. right now shes talking about "loving cookies" . so we just got her some cookies... maybe thats not even what she wanted :-/

- So my boy sent me a text that said "vote for Obama or be a slave"... I mean seriously everybody keeps complaining about how the U.S. has been run for the past 8 years. Why wouldnt we vote in someone who atleast wants and hopes for major change just as we all do??? I'm just sayin...

-My brother finds out he might be diabetic. but he doesnt fret... A quote from my brother Stephen Tyler "it aint shit boosie got that shit 2"... so basically what I'm getting at it Boosie is a inspiration for young people with diabetes.

-Me n Stef r laughing right now... Got this quote from my girl "you like a penny 2 faced and worthless"

- Imma need someone 2 find Darnell! Hes lost in Houston . I'm sending out a search party.

- If you dont like me... then dont like me and dont acknowledge me. dont speak on me, speak 2 me, read my blogs, look at my page, make any I hate Laura clubs...just erase this person you hate so much out of your life and memory because clearly thats the better solution than dwelling on someone that wont change. Plus I'm WONDEROUS! why would I change??? lol if your reading this and you dont like me... it means your a borderline obsessed PSYCHO!

- So me n Terryl just had the biggest laugh ever!!!! nigga u just cant go around *stabbin* anybody lmao! but I think we got to the bottom of your problem!

- I learned about The Link, The Rating System, and Back dooring all in one visit... I dont promote any of this... I'm Anti-Back dooring.

- I hate freshman boys who think they got game and they r the shit just cuz they were the shit in high school. NEWS FLASH! you start over when you get to college... your fresh meat and trust me thats not a cool thing to be.

Current Jamz::
"you got it bad" - Usher

Quote of the day- "your like a penny. 2faced and worthless"


{bee} said...

"Plus I'm WONDEROUS! why would I change???"

love it!!

oh.. and hey girl! lol