Thursday, August 7, 2008

Lost in Love

I cant lie. I'm really annoyed right now. Especially cuz I was napping when the new bullshit happened. Me n "the Ex" will never be even just "ok" it seems like. He's just has this paranoid way of thinking but still not giving a fuck at the same time. Its a weird and seemingly impossible combo but I can tell you one thing... its a sucky combo as well. The most fucked up part of all this is that I already know whats gonna happen next because I been through it so many times before.Of coarse everything is up to fate anyway so you neva kno......but yet thru all of this I'm in a musical mood. Oh yea and apparently my tires are about to explode lol( but serious tho) but so much has to be done so I'm driving on them tonight.pray for me :)

Current Jamz::
"the ex factor" -Lauryn Hill

Quote of the Day::
"Girls who are easy on the eyes are not easy on the heart"


1:10 said...

Keeping you in my prayers.

Karma said...

my friend was the wife of this ex you're talking about - you went into that situation knowing he wasn't available for you. someone told me you had been whining about him last year on this and i had to see it for myself. the guy was married...according to my sources still were wrong and stupid for attempting that REGARDLESS of what he was telling you. let's hope you learned from your mistakes and your fiancee doesn't end up doing the same thing you helped that married man do to his wife.