Sunday, August 17, 2008

I might as well enjoy my life and watch the stars play

I havent blogged in a while so I figured it was necessary. I have noticed that alot of people say they read my blogs but defiantly dont comment. FEED BACK WOULD BE NICE!!!!... but anycrap. Drama continues but I realized I took the right path by ignoring it. Eventually people will realize they talk for no reason. I have been having alot of fun doing the simplest things. My circle of friends is becoming more refined. I can genuinely love the friends I have and go out of my way for them because I know they would do the same for me. sometimes I might be foolishly nice but I am surrounding myself with people who wont take advantage of that. Finally all moved out and preparing for the next major move... CHICAGO! sometimes when people who were suppose to never leave your side turn on you its easy to get discouraged but I'm just gonna keep pushing and keep smiling (because it comes so natural anyway lol... maybe to the point where its weird). I cant care how many people dont like me because there are soooooo many more who do :) I just wanna Love and be nice to everyone! lol since when is that a bad thing????

update on the past few days::

Riding in a Uhaul with charles and kristen listing to 80's rock while charles does a gay trucker voice lol finally got the furniture out. if you know anyone who wants 2 buy some furniture let me kno!!!

Clubbin on friday... I had SO MUCH FUN! we all looked beautiful and I had not a bad thought in my head all night. I love those girls. And we went to the "Murda Mac" (you dont wanna fuck with that lol).... as per usual. "want alittle violence with that burger??" lol

Yesterday Chillin with the girls during the day then went to Hart Plaza in the evening with CMRS (campus martius rink staff) and clowned. I love my CMRS lil bro's. I realize I am very fortunate for all of my male friends. I'm lucky to have such good ones. Then we went to Sams house. I missed him... he's like me in a guys body. SO FABULOUS! then at night chilled with my homies at Alex's. she got a new kitten. YAY!

ok so I really think I should be mayor. like seriously Kwame has done nothing but fuck up.... keep fuckin up our cars with these detroit pot holes... embarrass us as a city (detroits mayor is wearing a damn tether) and well... I guess he kept the grass cut on bell isle :-/. Kwame prolly wakes up... smokes a kush blunt... takes a shot of patron and then runs your city. He aint shit. just something to think about

I Heard my dad playing the sims downstairs yesterday... i was kinda disturbed

Life is wonderful!!! Photoshoot 2moro... wish me luck!!!!

Current Jamz::
"Beverly Hills" - Weezer

Quote of the Day::
"where I come from from isnt that great, my automobile is a piece of crap. my fashion sense is alittle out of wack and my friends are just as cool as me"


One Ten said...

I use to live around the corner from the Murda Mac (Joy Road & Southfield) and it was ALWAYS something up there!!!

Laura said...

lmao my bestfriend lives there /my other home. we definatly dont pump gas there at night