Monday, August 25, 2008

My Booty is BIG! lmao

-I started school today :-/ I wanna take online classes. but Dance is fun and easy just because I took beginners dance knowing I been dancing since I was small

- We went and partied in Canada on saturday.. me, stef, and Chrissy! and we met the guy from beauty and the geek lol

-I'm so happy I got one of my friends back. I'm surrounded by wonderful people.

- So I mean I kno my booty is BIG but Stef keeps being a hater. Imma just keep shakin my big ol dunk until she realize that she cant bring me down lol... yall cant handle all this!

- " I'm tryna stack my Boo's up high" - Chrissy! I love my twin

- Still waiting on them to play "jesus walks" or "S.E.X" in the club so I can freak dance with some guy just to be outa line lol

- So Summer is coming to an end...Time to get boo'd up. instead of ya man lookin around at bitches in bikini's wit they ta ta's all out... soon they will be forced to look at bitches in bulky sweaters that show no shape at all. he will appreciate you more in the months to come.

- ok so who remembers the Rap Duo Smilez & South Star??? "love, hate , mistakes, tell me what you think is goin on..." WTF happened 2 them??? sorry just randomly going thru my limewire on my old CPU...Definitely bought that CD tho :-/

- so I saw this "ol Momma lookin girl" on friday... Disappointment overwhelms me. There is no reason why a young girl should look like a middle aged mother.

- If I sent you a text and it just happen to be a VIRUS... I'm so sorry. I swear it was just suppose to be a picture :(

Well I'm about to continue Dancing around in my undies to the Jackson 5... TTFN


Current Jamz::
"the love you save" - Jackson 5

Quote of the Day::
"He got this model chic and she dont cook or clean but she dress her ass off and her walk is mean. The only thing wrong with ma' shes always on the scene. Damn she fine but she parties all the time!"

oh yea new pics!!!!






One Ten said...

Damn Laura you are bad. LOL.

But LOL @ you saying that since the summer is over it's time to get boo'd up. I guess that is true though, most breakups happen over the summer and most hookups happen over the winter.

And I don't know about you having a big butt,'s not really showing from the pics. LOL. JK.

I see it says you're from Detroit and you just started school, where do you attend?

Keep up the blogging, you're one of my favorites...but you don't update enough from me. LOL. But yeah, also update your blogroll. :)