Thursday, February 26, 2009


first off let me say LUCKI ENT's vlof is now up!

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Sorry I been MIA once again but heres an update::

- its been a HORRIBLE and I mean REALLY HORRRIBLE few weeks. I gotta go to the hospital, car gets fucked up, almost went to jail! sheesh! can I get a break!?!?

-I'm officially back in Michigan due to court order and LOVE <3 which will be explained later in the blog

- now due to all this BS I missed my LA photoshoot. but dont worry it is still going to happen. more than likely in march. but still I hate having to put things off

- I am now an artist with twisted management. I'm happy about that. they manage many established artists.

-some guy wrote me on FB saying "what hood you rep?" ... ummmm #1 i'm not from the hood... #2 y would you eve send that mess to me!

- I'm singing the national anthem at the promoters charity basketball game this saturday feb 28th @ Cass Tech. I'm a little nervous... but I guess its just the national anthem. its only like 4 lines.... right??? lol

-Also... I'm selling tickets to Debonaire Affair on March 14th @ Seldom Blues
hit me up!...

ummmm thats about it I believe... expect alot from LUCKI ENT and ME!

o yea... a video blog on my feelings on the Chris Brown and Riahanna situation... TEAM CB! lol