Sunday, August 31, 2008

Robbed By Probably

your probably gonna stay around
you'll probably love me forever
I'll probably end up marring you
and We'll probably stay together
Your probably happy with me
You'll probably be there through thick and thin
You'll probably never leave me
and We'll probably be together in the end
you'll probably always be in my life
and I'm probably all you'll ever need
All this time I stuck with this
while probably was robbing me
robbing me of my chance to live
and to find something real
robbed me of every chance I had
to see and breath and feel
now because I spent my time on a probably
I'll probably never find anything true
I only had one life to live
wasted on a probably like you


Saturday, August 30, 2008

Worthless Pennies and New Beginings

feeling so... BLAH. So I'm excited about fall coming. I'm excited about school, My birthday,and dressing up on halloween. Then winter brings all my favorite holidays... Christmas and Valentines day. My last 2 valentines days sucked ass. Crashed my car one year then the other was just a sucky day thanks to the *wonderful* guy I was dating at the time. I been taking things slow this time. giving myself time to get over the past and to slowly grow into something else. Always following my right mind and not listening to anyone elses little input or whatever they have to say. I can honestly say I'm happy. but the deeper I get the scarier it is."love is like fire. but whether its gonna warm your heart or burn down your house you can never tell" . but its better than my past I can tell you that. I kinda pushed him away yesterday. its so hard not to do that when you have been hurt before. I'm even so much happier with the friends I have. most of my friend I have known for years! and I know they always have my best interest at heart. Even the newbies I have good feelings about.

-Currently in The Musk! AKA Muskegon. Visiting my grandparents. My grandmother doesnt remember anything and kinda just blabs out the first words that come to her mind which dont make sense most of the time. right now shes talking about "loving cookies" . so we just got her some cookies... maybe thats not even what she wanted :-/

- So my boy sent me a text that said "vote for Obama or be a slave"... I mean seriously everybody keeps complaining about how the U.S. has been run for the past 8 years. Why wouldnt we vote in someone who atleast wants and hopes for major change just as we all do??? I'm just sayin...

-My brother finds out he might be diabetic. but he doesnt fret... A quote from my brother Stephen Tyler "it aint shit boosie got that shit 2"... so basically what I'm getting at it Boosie is a inspiration for young people with diabetes.

-Me n Stef r laughing right now... Got this quote from my girl "you like a penny 2 faced and worthless"

- Imma need someone 2 find Darnell! Hes lost in Houston . I'm sending out a search party.

- If you dont like me... then dont like me and dont acknowledge me. dont speak on me, speak 2 me, read my blogs, look at my page, make any I hate Laura clubs...just erase this person you hate so much out of your life and memory because clearly thats the better solution than dwelling on someone that wont change. Plus I'm WONDEROUS! why would I change??? lol if your reading this and you dont like me... it means your a borderline obsessed PSYCHO!

- So me n Terryl just had the biggest laugh ever!!!! nigga u just cant go around *stabbin* anybody lmao! but I think we got to the bottom of your problem!

- I learned about The Link, The Rating System, and Back dooring all in one visit... I dont promote any of this... I'm Anti-Back dooring.

- I hate freshman boys who think they got game and they r the shit just cuz they were the shit in high school. NEWS FLASH! you start over when you get to college... your fresh meat and trust me thats not a cool thing to be.

Current Jamz::
"you got it bad" - Usher

Quote of the day- "your like a penny. 2faced and worthless"

Tuesday, August 26, 2008

its so cold in tha D... how the fuck do we posed to keep peace???

I kinda feel bad for laughing so hard and shes talking about death... but I cant help it!!!

side note:: notice her friend in the background smiling and dancing the whole time!!!

Monday, August 25, 2008

My Booty is BIG! lmao

-I started school today :-/ I wanna take online classes. but Dance is fun and easy just because I took beginners dance knowing I been dancing since I was small

- We went and partied in Canada on saturday.. me, stef, and Chrissy! and we met the guy from beauty and the geek lol

-I'm so happy I got one of my friends back. I'm surrounded by wonderful people.

- So I mean I kno my booty is BIG but Stef keeps being a hater. Imma just keep shakin my big ol dunk until she realize that she cant bring me down lol... yall cant handle all this!

- " I'm tryna stack my Boo's up high" - Chrissy! I love my twin

- Still waiting on them to play "jesus walks" or "S.E.X" in the club so I can freak dance with some guy just to be outa line lol

- So Summer is coming to an end...Time to get boo'd up. instead of ya man lookin around at bitches in bikini's wit they ta ta's all out... soon they will be forced to look at bitches in bulky sweaters that show no shape at all. he will appreciate you more in the months to come.

- ok so who remembers the Rap Duo Smilez & South Star??? "love, hate , mistakes, tell me what you think is goin on..." WTF happened 2 them??? sorry just randomly going thru my limewire on my old CPU...Definitely bought that CD tho :-/

- so I saw this "ol Momma lookin girl" on friday... Disappointment overwhelms me. There is no reason why a young girl should look like a middle aged mother.

- If I sent you a text and it just happen to be a VIRUS... I'm so sorry. I swear it was just suppose to be a picture :(

Well I'm about to continue Dancing around in my undies to the Jackson 5... TTFN


Current Jamz::
"the love you save" - Jackson 5

Quote of the Day::
"He got this model chic and she dont cook or clean but she dress her ass off and her walk is mean. The only thing wrong with ma' shes always on the scene. Damn she fine but she parties all the time!"

oh yea new pics!!!!





Tuesday, August 19, 2008

Its this one thing that got me trippin!

-Wonderous day "its this one thing that got me trippin"

-So was hanging around a bunch of old men this evening that like young pretty girls. But fortunately me n Alex made it fun.. We will steal ur food and leave lmao.

-So I just happen to think boosie is like the hypest rapper living "hit em up hit em up hit em up lets get it!"

-"one things fa sho. you will get called a BITCH so mutha fuckin fast" lmao @ 2 short

-I'm in a musical mood. I love it...

-Wishing a Certain Friend of mine would know that I am his friend and I love and miss him. Eventho I guess he's mad at me. I'm "off limits" apparently :-/ arg

-Me n Chyna are on a mission for happiness no matter what. and are happy with our small refined circle of friends.

- So happy for my favorite bestest whore and my side dish. lol they r ment for eachother.

- my dad gave me a 1 1/2 hour talk about the following::
*Electric cars
... Then I caught him playing the sims later that night lmao

-Happy Birthday 2 >>>YOU<<<

- Oh yes my shoot yesterday was WONDERFUL perhaps my best yet. Pics Coming soon

-I seriously love life right now. every time I get a little down I realize that I shouldnt dwell on minor things. You are a much more beautiful person when you radiate genuine happiness!

-I just cant do it anymore... letting go

-Comment Comment Comment!


Current Jamz::
" Story of a girl" -Ninedays

Quote of the day::
"Your more beautiful when you radiate genuine happiness"

Sunday, August 17, 2008

I might as well enjoy my life and watch the stars play

I havent blogged in a while so I figured it was necessary. I have noticed that alot of people say they read my blogs but defiantly dont comment. FEED BACK WOULD BE NICE!!!!... but anycrap. Drama continues but I realized I took the right path by ignoring it. Eventually people will realize they talk for no reason. I have been having alot of fun doing the simplest things. My circle of friends is becoming more refined. I can genuinely love the friends I have and go out of my way for them because I know they would do the same for me. sometimes I might be foolishly nice but I am surrounding myself with people who wont take advantage of that. Finally all moved out and preparing for the next major move... CHICAGO! sometimes when people who were suppose to never leave your side turn on you its easy to get discouraged but I'm just gonna keep pushing and keep smiling (because it comes so natural anyway lol... maybe to the point where its weird). I cant care how many people dont like me because there are soooooo many more who do :) I just wanna Love and be nice to everyone! lol since when is that a bad thing????

update on the past few days::

Riding in a Uhaul with charles and kristen listing to 80's rock while charles does a gay trucker voice lol finally got the furniture out. if you know anyone who wants 2 buy some furniture let me kno!!!

Clubbin on friday... I had SO MUCH FUN! we all looked beautiful and I had not a bad thought in my head all night. I love those girls. And we went to the "Murda Mac" (you dont wanna fuck with that lol).... as per usual. "want alittle violence with that burger??" lol

Yesterday Chillin with the girls during the day then went to Hart Plaza in the evening with CMRS (campus martius rink staff) and clowned. I love my CMRS lil bro's. I realize I am very fortunate for all of my male friends. I'm lucky to have such good ones. Then we went to Sams house. I missed him... he's like me in a guys body. SO FABULOUS! then at night chilled with my homies at Alex's. she got a new kitten. YAY!

ok so I really think I should be mayor. like seriously Kwame has done nothing but fuck up.... keep fuckin up our cars with these detroit pot holes... embarrass us as a city (detroits mayor is wearing a damn tether) and well... I guess he kept the grass cut on bell isle :-/. Kwame prolly wakes up... smokes a kush blunt... takes a shot of patron and then runs your city. He aint shit. just something to think about

I Heard my dad playing the sims downstairs yesterday... i was kinda disturbed

Life is wonderful!!! Photoshoot 2moro... wish me luck!!!!

Current Jamz::
"Beverly Hills" - Weezer

Quote of the Day::
"where I come from from isnt that great, my automobile is a piece of crap. my fashion sense is alittle out of wack and my friends are just as cool as me"

Thursday, August 7, 2008

Lost in Love

I cant lie. I'm really annoyed right now. Especially cuz I was napping when the new bullshit happened. Me n "the Ex" will never be even just "ok" it seems like. He's just has this paranoid way of thinking but still not giving a fuck at the same time. Its a weird and seemingly impossible combo but I can tell you one thing... its a sucky combo as well. The most fucked up part of all this is that I already know whats gonna happen next because I been through it so many times before.Of coarse everything is up to fate anyway so you neva kno......but yet thru all of this I'm in a musical mood. Oh yea and apparently my tires are about to explode lol( but serious tho) but so much has to be done so I'm driving on them tonight.pray for me :)

Current Jamz::
"the ex factor" -Lauryn Hill

Quote of the Day::
"Girls who are easy on the eyes are not easy on the heart"

Wednesday, August 6, 2008

Life is like a box of chocolates

so ummmm unfortunately my laptop charger is not broken so I am forced to use a regular ass computer. This week has been crazy and drama filled. I am still continuing to hear outlandish rumors about myself but surprisingly I am becoming happier and happier as the days go by. I am realizing what a real friend is and I am being prepared for the fabulous life I know I am destined to live. Instead of being just sad and depressed as I would be if this were to have happened a year ago I giggle at these rumors and peaty drama. I watch as people run around like little rats just trying to stir up something. I let this motivate me to still be the bigger person. This little bump in the road makes me look at my past accomplishments and look inside myself for the motivation to accomplish more. Friends are not just "cool ass people".... your friends are your friends and will have your best interest at heart. Cool ass people are just that... nothing more nothing less. The hard part sometimes is separating the two. Basically I'm saying its time to get serious and stop worrying about who's my friend. I got 3 photo shoots and a bunch more surprises I'm super excited about :)

Current Jamz::
"hey ma"-Camron

Quote of the Day::
"what do you do when the whole world turns against you??? shut up, sip a cosmo, and watch the flies drop"