Wednesday, August 6, 2008

Life is like a box of chocolates

so ummmm unfortunately my laptop charger is not broken so I am forced to use a regular ass computer. This week has been crazy and drama filled. I am still continuing to hear outlandish rumors about myself but surprisingly I am becoming happier and happier as the days go by. I am realizing what a real friend is and I am being prepared for the fabulous life I know I am destined to live. Instead of being just sad and depressed as I would be if this were to have happened a year ago I giggle at these rumors and peaty drama. I watch as people run around like little rats just trying to stir up something. I let this motivate me to still be the bigger person. This little bump in the road makes me look at my past accomplishments and look inside myself for the motivation to accomplish more. Friends are not just "cool ass people".... your friends are your friends and will have your best interest at heart. Cool ass people are just that... nothing more nothing less. The hard part sometimes is separating the two. Basically I'm saying its time to get serious and stop worrying about who's my friend. I got 3 photo shoots and a bunch more surprises I'm super excited about :)

Current Jamz::
"hey ma"-Camron

Quote of the Day::
"what do you do when the whole world turns against you??? shut up, sip a cosmo, and watch the flies drop"