Friday, November 20, 2009

Its Been WAY too long people!

I kno I've been MIA from blogging for a while but I needed some time to clear my head and my thoughts so I can get everything out for you all to read. I mean how can I expect ya'll to understand me when I coudn't even understand myself? lol... anycrap... I've recently moved to Vegas which has honestly been one of the best things I have ever done for myself. I always stopped myself from moving out if Detriot... the city I hate so much... in fear that I would be missing something. It took for things to hit rock bottom for me to realize I wasn't missing shit. I mean seriously... what am I missing?? No jobs, a crappy school system, somewhere where everyones hood mentality gets the better of them, people who are not your friend for who you are but yet who they think you are and what you can do to benifit them. This was not about bettering myself as a person but yet just going somewhere better.

Now I will never forget the good things about detroit. Campus Martius every winter, Sherwood Coney, and the few friends I have but I now have a chance to become a more wordly person and experience something new for myself. an opportunity most people never get. I found myself in detroit becoming something I hated. Being forced to fight negitivity with more negitivity and I regret every bit of it. I'm not saying everyone that stayed is like a loser or anything but I'm just saying for me personally leaving was something I had to do to get the life experience that I need. I def didnt want getting out of detroit to be on my bucket list lol.

Since I left I have heard nothing but drama and sadness going on there. Just the other day my friend brandons older sister was found dead. Killed in a brutal way. I honestly think about it every day. Eventho I didnt know her on a very personal level she was always so nice to me and she took care of brandon who is one of my closest friends. I feel terrible that I cant be physically there to comfort him in his time of need. It was def the scariest and saddest thing I heard about hapening in detroit. RIP Shanita Brown... and Brandon I kno I act like a strict older sister sometimes but I'm always ALWAYS here if u need me.

I love my friends! Not all the associates that I claimed as friends in the past... but my TRUE friends. The ones that have always been a great support system to me. I am confident that my decision to move will not compromise a true friendship :)

Ive been getting great feedback from photographers out this way so I'm hoping to make some new connections. K.I.T people! I promise I wont wait this long to blog again.

New Pics!