Sunday, July 6, 2008

Being Grown Up isnt Half as Fun as Growing Up

Finding yourself should be fun! Sure we all are gonna mess up but its apart of growing so why cant it just be counted as just that. Not saying that mistakes should go without consequence but people are so judgmental these days. Me personally I dont wanna be like everyone else and I dont feel like I should be judged for that. I'm defiantly not trying to be grown up right now but I'm welcoming the journey with open arms. Sometimes the journey is the best part. I know I cant do it according to what everyone else thinks is the right way. I gotta take my own path :) I'm trying to surround myself now with people who are understanding and accepting of that. Its hard because for so long all the important people in my life held me back as I allowed them to. My dad laughs in my face constantly laughs in my face at my feelings, hopes, and dreams. He bribes me and pushes me to stay at this effin community college in hopes that I will become more practical. My mother just isnt happy unless I move to Arizona to be with her. My ex who I just happen to love to death just cant seem to accept me for the person I am and have always been. It kinda has hurt feeling like nothing I am or want can please them. The feeling of unworthiness is a bitch. But now I kinda figured I gotta do what I want for me and hope we can all fall into place and be accepting of each other. I'm just gonna enjoy my journey to grown up land.

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" I'm in love with a girl" -Gavin DeGraw

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"being grown up isnt half as fun as growing up. these are the best years of our lives. All that really matters if just following our hearts and eventually we'll finally get it right"


-Dame- said...

first let me say that i'm very pleased to see that you finally made a blog!...hi5!

and as far as the path to grownupness (excuse my diddy word) i believe that you have the right mind set...make your own path...and do whatever you have to do to stay on it...

as far as everyone not accepting you for who you are...that's life...but to them you just say "fuck you" and keep it're not here to please everyone...idk about you buttttttttttt...i'm only here to please 4 people...ME MYSELF and GOD

i've spoken my peace...and i'm out