Tuesday, July 8, 2008

Them young girls. they do get weary. Maybe if we had beautiful insides we wouldnt have that problem :-/

eh.... dont know how to feel about today. my father is a complete retard and ruined the first half of my day. so after I came home and to my surprise zeno and damon were at my house with the other member 2 the "brothers four"... and he was just as wonderful as the rest :) we are going to make beautiful music together. lol because he will be writing a song for me soon. I'm super excited about that. then they left me :( *sad times*. Then I got another honesty box message telling me how apparently I'm not that pretty and I have a horrible attitude and I'm oh so stuck up. and telling me I need to work on my inner beauty :-/.... I guess I'm suppose to have a Beautiful pancreas??? lol but seriously this is clearly another person who got all their info off of facebook or possibly some he said she said because they dont seem to know me very well :-P...*sigh* the life of a facebook celebrity. Went to visit a friend... we had fun for a short period of time. I needed to get my mind off of some things and he helped. I come home and realized I only talked to butt butt baby once today and it was only for like 2 seconds! WATS ALL THAT ABOUT?!?! ANARCHY!!!!!!!!! Seriously...y am I so concerned???? all these things keep going thru my head wondering why I haven't had much contact all day. I need to shake this feeling and not get attached. I'll get it together.... at the end of the day I just wanna love and be loved... but I'm always to scared to take those steps towards it. I need somebody to "try a little tenderness" lol

Current Jamz::
"Try a little tenderness" - Chris brown

Quote of the day::
" I'm tired of this crap about beauty only being skin deep. What am I suppose to have a beautiful pancreas?!?!"

something i thought was funny :)


-Dame- said...

come on now...i thought i told you that its a MUST to have pretty intestines!...and lets not forget the liver!...come on now laura...lets get it together!