Monday, July 21, 2008

Stalkers, Sisters, Rumors, & Drunkin Nights

So Let me start by saying that I'm Wonderous.....

At Berts Saturday I was having a wonderous time as usual when my laughter soon came to a hault when I realized crazy ass dave with the grill brought his old ass into this 18+ club... being the crazy person that he is he harassed me the entire night. Despite my attempts to ignore him he continued to follow me to the car ranting and raving about god knows what until I ran into a group of guys that happen to be bigger than him. By The way I was Drunk as hell.... I couldnt even drive. (Side note:: NEVER DRINKING AGAIN!!!). I also ran into someone who helped me out alot.... someone's "sister". Thanks girl. I just needed to get that clarity.

As far as my last blog. I feel WAY better about everything now. Thanks for caring :)
"if I didnt do the things I do I wouldnt be me"... Well if thats what you tell yourself to convince yourself that your are a good person then so be it lol

Apparently Alex, Randi, & I are being stalked.... cool for me because I have fans....not cool for them because I guess they have nothing better to do. NOTE TO STALKER('s):: Hello.... its nice to know you love me :) the feeling isnt mutual

Woah is me *hand on 4head* the life of a facebook celebrity is SOOOO hard lol

Seriously I wish I could just move away and start over.... but I'm so scared of finding the same unhappiness I have here :(
Dante Lets just go! lol

Current Jamz::
"Thanks for the Memories" -Fall out boy

Quote of the Day::
"Drama doesnt follow me it rides on my back"


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I must admit...

this blog is quite funny!