Sunday, July 27, 2008

In over My head

I have been through alot this week and realized alot of things. I have a hand full of real friends and I'm happy with that. Some people socialize with everyone and dont have one real friend and I'm so lucky not to be like that. I'm gonna stop tryna please everyone and be thankful for the friends I have and who are pleased by me just being myself. "the EX" has been around all this week. Thats a whole other confusing story in its self :-/ Sometimes I wish I never met him so it would be easier but that would be like erasing a part of myself. In a strange way he is still like my best-friend and I find comfort in him..... I'm moving back home to my dads house to prepare for the BIG move.... to chicago. Nobody gets it but a couple people. I ALWAYS wanted to move to chicago. I dont necessarily wanna stay forever but its something I would love to experience. Plus I think living somewhere else makes someone a more interesting person. This party promoting stuff is getting to be a drag.... not enough money and way to much drama. I have never been one to be full of drama even in high school. It seems since Ive been in the party scene I have not only heard so much random stuff about myself but drama is seeming to follow me. I just wanna LIVE!!!!!!

On another note ...Random things I been thinkin about::
I hate how niggas say "no homo" after everything. ok so have u noticed its either to cover up something not homo at all like "that nigga shirt is sweet as hell... NO HOMO!" which in this case it in-fact amplifies the fact that you are not comfortable with your sexuality and makes you seem oh so homo. OR its to try to cover up something EXTREMELY Homo like "I like to rub lube around my butt hole.... NO HOMO!!!" Which in this case "no homo" cannot excuse the homo moment you just had... just a thought.. LOSE THE PHRASE "NO HOMO"

Another thing.... Ladies.... if your man is not fucking you it IS for one of the following reasons::
1. He's fucking someone else
2.He cant get it up and he dont wanna hoe his self
3. He's gay....

Dont fight it.... guys just dont turn down pussy.

Also... Atlanta is starting to piss me off 4real. Its taking all my friends for NO FUCKING REASON!!! ... I mean I can understand if you actually DO have REAL business opportunities waiting for you there but other than that people are just going to atlanta because they think its the fucking promise land... yes... ATL is WAYYYY better than detroit but NEWS FLASH!!!!! Detroit just has a fucked up economy so almost EVERYWHERE is better than Detroit. But still the chances of you moving to Atlanta and walking down the street and someone offering you a wonderful job is still slim to none. Lets expand our thoughts to more than just Atlanta because its becoming the default city real talk. and your gonna walk down the street and see 10 people you went to high school with because EVERYBODYS MOVING TO ATLANTA!!!!

just some thoughts...

Current Jamz::
"in over my head"- The Fray

Quote of the Day::
"I wish you were a stranger I could disengage. just say that we agree and then never change"


-Dame- said...

omg laura i love you so much!

i talk about that ATL topic EVERYDAY!...i call it BLACK MECCA...everything that you said about that gay ass city i say word for word!