Tuesday, July 15, 2008

Good day... well not really.

SO my car wont start AND I need to find somewhere to move to ASAP. Of corse I got friends and family and well... my ex (now sure what to call him) wanting me with them. But I gotta find my own and I'm not rushing a thing. I miss "the ex" but in a way of like missing the past I guess. I mean who doesnt kinda miss the feeling of fresh love in the air. but in the same sense I know it will never be the same because I will NEVER be enough anymore so I stopped trying.which always now gives me the feeling of not being enough for the next guy or anything for that matter.I love him but that doesnt mean shit will get better.Maybe thats wat is fucked up because some people NEVER find love... and this is like a wase of it. plus time. Butt butt has been crankey... but eh... as much as I try to make everyone happy sometimes I just cant but crankey people scare me because I'm so happy and I dont want anyone to bring me down. but I actually seem to care about him alot which is scary. Me n Randi got in our first real arguement... it makes me nervous because it hurts to lose people. not saying just one arguement will cause me to lose someone but I just dont like the feeling. Money is somewhat of an issue right now because I need so much at one time. I'm moving and my car got broken at the same time. I guess I might have to join the work force :-/. my mom read my horoscope... well a more indetail one just about my personality based on the date and time of my birth. it was creepy because it was 100% right. is it 2 early to start planning my birthday party if its in october??? I been a real bitch 2day because I feel hopeless.... but 2moro I'm gonna have a good day.

Current Jamz::
"Good Day" -Nappy Roots

Quote of the day::
"just because you love someone doesnt mean you have to be with them. Love is not a bandage to heal wounds"